X Shiba Inu

Why Shiba Inu Reflections?

Shiba Inu is a popular token, that aspires to be a competitor to DOGE coin on the Ethereum blockchain. It was created by Ryoshi, an anonymous crypto enthusiast and visionary. Shiba Inu has had a meteoric rise by 2,50,000 times (250,000x) since the listing price in 2021, becoming the most watched and trending coin of 2021-22. Shiba Inu's price had hit an ATH Market Cap of $41.08 B in October 2021, and has since corrected by almost 3.3 times (at the time of writing this post). Given the hype surrounding Shiba Inu's vibrant ecosystem, it's worth it to have Shiba Inu in your portfolio.

X Shiba Inu is a meme of Shiba Inu and also is a reflection-based token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that generates Daily Shiba Inu reflections.SHIBA-pegged BSC tokens are sent to user wallets automatically, or can be collected from the DApp available on the website. X Shiba Inu has a unique mechanism that stops the rewards from leaking to inactive wallets. This optimizes APY% and increases the return on your investment. X Shiba Inu's Market Cap is $112k as of March 2022, making it the best low cap gem on the Binance Smart Chain!



Loyal Member Rewards

The X Shiba Inu contract is designed to reward long-term holders by tracking the holding period of every wallet, and providing Free Airdrops, Community Voting Rights, Roadmap Decisions (Governance), Tax-free purchases, and many more benefits to be unveiled as we progress forward. 20% of the tokens are reserved for long-term holders, a feature that is the first of it's kind in the Alt Coin market! This token is a true "low cap gem" in Binance Smart Chain (BSC)!


Safe & Secure

Liquidity will be locked with Pinksale, an anti-rug mechanism with long-term value creation in mind. This means your investment is safe with us, and the Liquidity Pool locked, so that there can be no rug pull. The team led by Vijay is trustworthy, experienced and proven. We are professionals and don't engage in or support any scams.


Best APY in Reflection-Based Tokens

The contract has a unique mechanism to stop the rewards from going to "Dust Wallets". Dust Wallets include bot wallets, inactive wallets, and dead wallets. Active Users get 60% more rewards compared to other reflection-based tokens. Active Users are required to mark their wallets as "Active" every 3 months from the Rewards Dashboard. This ensures that the rewards will only reach Active User Wallets. This saves 60% of the rewards from leaking to inactive wallets. This feature is again the first of its kind in crypto currencies.


Constant Daily Income

The X Shiba Inu contract guarantees a consistent daily income for Active Users who hold for at least 2 weeks, regardless of fluctuating volumes. The contract maintains a Reserve Pool which will have funds sustainable for at least 2 weeks to ensure constant income to holders. The daily rewards can be claimed by users from the Rewards Dashboard at any time, with a cooldown of 24 hours, without the fear of any loss. Rewards are proportional to the individual investor's holdings of X SHIBA INU. XSHIB is the only Alt Coin in cypto currencies that guarantees daily income to token holders. With the ever increasing popularity of Shiba Inu, passive income from rewards will become substantial.

Important Dates

Private Sale
Feb 16, 2022
Pre-Sale Listing
Feb 27, 2022
Pancakeswap Launch
Mar 17, 2022

Token Sale


Tax Distribution



Our Core Team

We are a team of 7 professionals. The team comprises of the CEO, 2 developers, 2 designers, and 2 in the marketing team. Apart from this, we have advisors, partners, consultants and many well-wishers from our previous projects.





Founder Vijay leads the contract development and defines the roadmap & strategy. He has over 16 years experience in building enterprise solutions, SDLC processes , and digital marketing. Vijay has founded another company which has been operational since 2013.





Michael has 20 years of experience leading a contractor company, and oversees activities related to creating, communicating and delivering offers that have value to customers, clients and business partners. He has a vast experience in marketing, setting up sales funnels, and leading highly motivated teams.



Blockchain App Developer


Srikanth has 2 years of experience in developing Web Apps & building blockchain solutions. Srikanth has developed many useful DApps in Defi space. He is also our Social Media expert.



Social Media Manager


Mounika has 2 years of experience in marketing and sales. She is an expert in SEO, SEM, Design, & running digital marketing campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a team of 7 professionals who have vast experience in software development & delivery. We have built several enterprise applications for Fortune 500 Companies, & have experience in building web applications, DApps, and Blockchain protocols using Solidity & Ethereum.
15% tax is charged on each buy and sell transaction. 8% goes to rewards, 5% goes to marketing, 1% liquidity, 0.5% burn and 0.5% charity
Most of us investors have a common goal to achieve financial freedom. We believe that financial freedom is possible only by delivering consistent quality work over a period of time. We are committed long-term and hold high ethical values. Having such solid experience in Blockchain and Web technologies, we don't find any reason why we should participate in scams. For any questions, feel free to DM a developer at any time.
As an X Shiba Inu holder (XSHIB), you shall receive Binance-pegged Shiba Inu token rewards (SHIB), BEP20-0x2859e4544C4bB03966803b044A93563Bd2D0DD4D .These tokens are pegged to the price of Shiba Inu on the Ethereum blockchain, and hold the same value.
This will depend on the amount of XSHIB you hold in your wallet, funds in the reserve pool.
Yes, you will receive rewards automatically. In case you see a delay in getting rewards, please claim them from rewards dashboard.
This is most likely because Shiba Inu ERC 20 is set up in your wallet. Just enable Shiba Inu BEP20 in your wallet & you will be able to view your claimed reflections.
The longer you hold your XSHIB Tokens, the more loyal member rewards you will receive. These can go all the way up to 40%. Please check Loyal Member Rewards dashboard for more details.
At present you can purchase Xshib on Pancakeswap. More exchanges will be added going forward.
XSHIB helps in the following ways: a) Existing SHIB holders will increase their existing SHIB holdings on a daily basis, once they hold XSHIB in their wallet. b) New holders/investors of XSHIB automatically become an SHIB holder. This increases Shiba Inu volume as well. The more XSHIB holders come onboard, the more SHIB holders are created.
Once you sell all your XSHIB Tokens, you will not receive SHIB Tokens, until you purchase again.
There is no minimum amount requirement for either receiving reflections or to become a long-term holder
Please follow our telegram group for updates.
Please follow our telegram group for updates.
Please contact a financial advisor before you invest to crypto. In general it's not recommended to invest your life savings into crypto. But if you are looking for a legit low cap gem in "Alt Coins" or "Crypto Currencies", we recommend X Shiba Inu as a long-term investment.
Please check with your Government regulations on crypto before purchasing any crypto currencies and services.